I offer Mindfulness training & consultancy for organisations around the UK and beyond. 

I can create a bespoke package to suit your needs. 

From one off seminars or workshops to fully tailored employee courses. 

I can assist you in development of employee wellness programmes.

I also work with individuals in the corporate setting, assisting with peak flow performance skills, public speaking and general wellbeing. As an advanced Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist and (MBRT) Therapist I draw from a range of skills to best help each individual. I've taught many hundreds of people including top CEO's and Superstars.


Workplace: Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

Our popular introductory workshop gives participants the opportunity to

- Discover Mindfulness, what it is, how it is helpful

- Experience Meditation, learn the basics of how to meditate

- Be inspired as to how they might incorporate this into their everyday lives

- Have access to a range of meditation recordings to continue their journey

1-1 Corporate Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Coaching

Our 1-1 Mindfulness Coaching Package for Wellbeing, Stress Reduction & Peak Performance consists of 6x 1hr Sessions

Available in person (in & around the London area or Live Online to anywhere globally)



Do get in-touch about your needs!

I'd love to hear from you to arrange a discovery call. 

Drop us a line!

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