I am an Advanced Zen Mindfulness Teacher, Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. A unique set of skills which I can combine in the best way to help you get the results you seek from therapy. It is usually best for us to have a chat to see if we are both suited to working together so that I can be sure of what you are seeking and that I am the best person to help you. 

I work with clients from all over the World. Sessions take place on Skype & Zoom or if you are closer to me geographically - in a space at my home in Hampton Court, Surrey. Alternatively some sessions can be done or out for a 'walk n talk' in nearby Royal Bushy Park. 

Each of us are individuals and each case bespoke, for some clients RTT is best, getting a big shift in a single area rapidly (it is a two session process). Other people prefer to work with me ongoing with a combination of talking therapy and mindfulness practice. I work around you to create something which best suits your needs and situation. Please contact us on frances@mindfullyhappy.com to book a call to discuss. 

A list of costs and packages can be found here


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