We are passionate about sharing our love for mindfulness & making it accessible for all! 

As such we've devoted many, many hours to producing free high quality audio recordings for you to use, share and enjoy. 

If you search click on the purple 'podcasts' icon in any smartphone and search 'Mindfully Happy Meditations' this icon will appear, click 'subscribe' and you'll be able to access many free meditation recordings alongside introductory talks. The recordings accompany the courses we run so some (the Zen series for instance) may be a little advanced if used out of context and if you are new to mindfulness, however there is a wide range for you to explore. 

Another way to view the meditations is via: 




You can also find us on Spotify 

Massive thank you to Dan Turner my editor who has taken this on as a passion project. Thanks also to our thousands of listeners! 

Mindfully Happy Meditations with Frances Trussell
Mindfully Happy Meditations with Frances Trussell